BOM Data to

We’ve made it easier to get daily weather data from Australian Bureau of Meteorology into through the use of dynamic tags.

The steps to connect to BOM daily data are set-out below.

Step 1 — Find your station

Find the station you’d like to include as a datasource here then click through to the Daily Weather Observations for this site.

Step 2 — Get hyperlink for a .csv of this months data

Right click on the ‘plain text version’ hyperlink under the ‘Other formats’ heading and select ‘Copy link address’ from the drop down menu (see screenshot).

The link you copy will look something like this.

You’ll note the yyyymm element of the URL address. This causes a minor problem (link will become stale once we roll over to August), but we’ll remedy in Step 3 by replacing these date references with dynamic tags.

bom data to - Queensland meteorology

Step 3 — Set-up a new datasource in

Set-up a Data Source (file) in Use File type → Delimited Text → “Download from web site” transport method.

Paste the link you’ve copied in Step 2 in the web address box.

Substitute the two yyyymm elements of the URL with the dynamic tag  .

For Brisbane, the before and after of the URL code will be (changes emboldened):



Further information on datasource set-up including use of dynamic tags is here

Step 4 — Parse the Data

Disable the first column there is no data in it. Change the date/time stamp format to YYYY-MM-D (note remove one ‘D’ and HH:mm:ss tokens).

Apply and set-up custom charts and dashboards as per usual.


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