Eagle.io security update: Eagle.io not affected by the global log4j/log4shell security breach

Log4j security breach

4 days ago millions of servers were compromised by the Log4shell software flaw.

Hackers scrambled to weaponise the bug which impacted older java-based apps (often on-premise/local solutions). They attempted to infiltrate systems via this software flaw to access private data and take assets hostage via ransomware attacks.  

In our Environmental Monitoring industry, this vulnerability could expose your critical infrastructure, assets, and monitoring data systems to malicious hackers seeking to take assets hostage and ransom your systems or data.

Is Eagle.io impacted by the Log4j/Log4shell breach?

No. Eagle.io is not impacted by the recent critical vulnerability exposed by a Log4j software bug. If you use Eagle.io, you’re 100% protected against this breach.

Eagle.io does not use log4j, we deploy a modern reimplementation and our platform does not permit remote-code deserialisation (the method hackers are using to access/manipulate systems through this bug).

One of the strong benefits of our SaaS software model and cloud-based system architecture is that your platform is on the leading edge of security tools and protocols, and hence much more secure/protected versus legacy systems (on-premise/local server-based) with outdated security measures. Cloud-based data management also ensures our development team can rapidly detect any vulnerabilities thanks to modern cloud-based security tools. 

This means all Eagle.io customers have a level of data security and alerting far beyond that of older software and legacy systems built off-cloud/on-premises.


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