Our HTTP API is now ready!

Posted by Jarrah Watson on Jul 1, 2014 2:01:00 PM
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Eagle.io HTTP API developers

The HTTP API has been designed to make it easy for developers to interact with eagle.io from a 3rd party application or service.

Retrieve or update current or historical data, trigger operations such as control and configuration and integrate any device that can make standard HTTP requests.

As we continue to develop, we will be adding new options and features to bring even more functionality to the API.

Read the Docs to learn more or post a question on our forum!

Topics: Eagle.io API, Environmental Monitoring HTTP API

    Connect, configure and control your data loggers from the cloud

    Eagle.io is an all-in-one cloud software for hardware integrators involved in remote environmental monitoring. We believe it is critical to monitor natural assets smartly to protect and manage them effectively.

    • Bulletproof IoT networks. Relevant data anytime, from any hardware, to anyone, on any device.

    • Scalable cloud database collection, storage, analysis, mapping, alarming, editing and visualisation of time series sensor data.

    • Trusted by AECOM, CSIRO, Qld Department of Natural Resources, BMT Global, Ecotech, Xylem, Geosyntec, Specto.

    • Easy integration with standard industry loggers.

    • Simple management of discrete networks: White-labeling, managed accounts, in-app customer support, intuitive data configuration and scalable pricing.

    To learn more, register for a 30-day trial and personalised walkthrough at https://eagle.io/trial

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