Pre-configure Notification Subscriptions

Sometimes, an account administrator needs to set-up notification subscriptions on behalf of a new user. When sharing a workspace using the standard method, this isn’t possible.

To pre-configure alerts, you have to trick into allowing connection of multiple usernames to one administrator controlled email account. This allows the administrator to receive the invite, set a password and set the alert subscriptions on behalf of a user before sharing the workspace (by changing the email address).

A little known gmail trick is used to achieve this outcome. By appending a plus (“+”) sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address (but before the @) an infinite number of alias addresses are possible. For example, an email sent to ‘’ will send an email to the parent ‘’ account.


Step 1 — Set up a gmail account (if you don’t already have one). Use an email address that is relevant to your business.

Step 2 — Invite an alias of your new gmail account (using the ‘+’ gmail trick) to your workspace. Right click on the work space you’d like to share, click Security and in the ‘add user’ box enter your newly created gmail address using the alias feature.

e.g. “”

When you click ‘add’ and ‘save’ this will send the confirmation email to your parent email address e.g. “”

If you are setting up subscriptions for multiple customers, repeat this process.

Preconfigure permissions on remote iot monitoring software
Add an alias user to your gmail account

Step 3 — Open your invitation in gmail. Go back to your ‘’ to access the new user account set-up wizard, through the link in your invitation email. new user account set up email invitation
Open your invitation

Step 3a —Set-up the basic account details of your new user. Don’t forget to keep a record of the dummy username and password as you go.

Setting up user profile on environmental iot platform
Set-up the dummy account, and login.

Step 4 — Configure alert subscriptions. Login as the new user to and subscribe to notifications as required.

For more information on alert subscriptions, see the docs.

Step 5 — Once configuration is complete, change the users email from the dummy gmail to the customers real email. This will hand control of the new account, and the subscriptions, to the new user. You will need to separately inform them of the password you set up for them (and encourage them to change it).

Once the user changes the password, you’ll no longer be able to check or change the subscriptions, so its worthwhile to double check that the set-up is correct prior to handing over.

Access the user profile view and menu
Access the User Profile Menu

Access the profile menu above, and... update the user profile with the customer's actual email address (below)

Discrete remote environmental monitoring networks - user set up

 Update the user profile with the customers actual email address

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