Scrape Table Data from the Web

There is a wealth of data available on the web that dynamically updates, but is not published as a neat .csv file that works with out of the box.

An example of this type of data is river heights published by BOM in near real-time in a HTLM table

This article shows you how to import this data to using Google Sheets as middle ware.


River height monitoring - HTML Table that updates up to every 2 minutes

Step 1 — Import data to google sheets using IMPORTHTML function.

IMPORTHTML(url, query, index)

  • url - The URL of the page to examine, including protocol (e.g. http://).
  • The value for url must either be enclosed in quotation marks or be a reference to a cell containing the appropriate text.
  • query - Either "list" or "table" depending on what type of structure contains the desired data. Also enclosed in quotation marks.
  • index - The index, starting at 1, which identifies which table or list or table to be returned.


Step 2 — We’ll configure our Spreadsheet to publish the data; this allowseagle.ioto access the information collected by our Form.


Step 3- Choose the specific sheet with data (default is “Entire Document”) and CSV as the format and copy the URL to the published data.


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